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How to Stay Safe on the Road: Defensive Winter Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents

If you drive a vehicle, how many times have you heard on the travel news that a road has been closed to allow the air ambulance to land? You might be even been stuck in the very queue of an accident where the casualty is being airlifted to hospital? That’s not surprising because more than half of all the incidents we attend are crashes on the region’s roads.

Although we hear a great deal about climate change these days, we hopefully won’t face quite such harsh Scandinavian conditions just yet in East Anglia.

Check your car and keep it well-maintained

The most important thing is to be prepared before the winter weather arrives. As the nights draw in and there’s a chill in the air put aside some time to check your vehicle.

Keeping your vehicle serviced and well maintained is high up the list of advice, along with ensuring the battery is fully charged and there is anti-freeze in the radiator. Check your lights, tyres, wipers, and windows.

Bring an emergency kit

Carrying an emergency pack in the boot is recommended, in case you run into adverse weather once you have started your journey. Along with an ice scraper and de-icer, a torch, blanket, warm clothes, boots and a first-aid kit are recommended. Your emergency equipment should include some food and drink, battery jump leads and a spade.

Practice defensive driving

In heavy rain, spray can make visibility as bad as fog, so slowing down and keeping your distance is just as important.

Think about what is going on inside the car in severe weather as well as outside. Don’t turn the car’s heating up too high when driving in winter. An excessively high interior temperature jeopardises the driver’s reaction times and increases the number of errors. A constant, comfortable temperature inside the car is an important safety factor. It is unhealthy and disorientating to have an extreme difference in inside and outside temperature.

Stay off the roads in severe weather if at all possible and only drive if the journey is absolutely necessary.

Business for a Cause: How a Company’s Support can Help Save Lives

If you are in business, have you ever considered joining a charity for a cause-related marketing campaign? A study by Business in the Community/Research International found that 86% consumers agree that when price and quality are equal, they are more likely to buy a product associated with a cause and 61% agreed that they would change retail outlets for the same reason.

Charity of the Year: Anglian Self Drive
Vehicle hire firm Anglian Self Drive has supported the air ambulance since the early days of the charity. Now we are delighted that the company has decided to increase its already generous backing by making us its charity of the year.

Anglian Self Drive is a subsidiary of Northgate, which with 53,000 vehicles is the largest hire organisation in the UK. Anglian operates out of four bases – Ipswich, Norwich, Peterborough, and Huntingdon.

Different ways to help
The company feels that the air ambulance is an ideal charity for the company to support, as it relates very much to what it does. Its customers are on the road all the time. As well as sponsoring with vehicles, Anglian Self Drive has had some T-shirts and other promotional items made for fundraising events.

Recently, the annual staff party was an opportunity for another donation from the company. All the employees were invited to attend, and in the past, it has always been free of charge. This year, tickets were sold at £5 each all of that going to the air ambulance. Absolutely nobody complained about making the donation. In fact, even people who were unable to attend still bought a ticket to help the charity.

Anglian Self Drive also has a sponsorship arrangement with the Ipswich Witches speedway team. Chris Louis from the Witches is also hoping to support the charity.

Your company, too, can help save thousands of lives and promote your brand at the same time by supporting the East Anglian Air Ambulance. For more information send us an email via support@angliaone.org.uk.

ICE Contact App: Your Lifesaver in Case of an Emergency

If you were seriously injured in an accident, how would the emergency services know how to tell your nearest and dearest what had happened? Everyone hopes a serious accident or emergency is something that will never happen, and that’s why so few people carry details with them of who should be contacted in such circumstances.

However, there is a simple, yet effective, way to ensure someone is contacted as early as possible. Many, if not most, people though, do carry a mobile phone and that is the most obvious way of carrying contact details of someone close.

What is the ICE Contact app?
ICE – which stands for In Case of Emergency – is a safety app that people can download on their phones, along with details of someone they would like contacted in such circumstances. The idea is being supported by Vodafone, whose own research showed that 75% of people carry no such information.

Why do you need ICE on your phone?
For medics and police officers who are attending to a shocked or injured person, it’s difficult to know who to call. Someone might have “mum” in his phone book, but that may not mean he would want his mother contacted in an emergency.

When the benefit of the air ambulance is that the casualty can reach a hospital in minutes, it makes it so much worse if it then takes hours to contact their family. At any such incident, the role of the paramedics is always to ensure the patient is receiving the critical care they need, and a medic would not put trawling through a mobile phone above treating a casualty.

But other emergency services at the scene, police officers being obvious candidates, could look for the ICE contact.

Research suggests people recover quicker from the psychological effects of their loved one being hurt if they are involved at an earlier stage and they can reach them quickly. So it pays to download the app on your smartphone now before an emergency could actually happen.